Ac motor principle of operation pdf

An industrial type of AC motor with electrical terminal box at the top and output rotating shaft on the left. Such motors are widely used for pumps, blowers, conveyors and other industrial machinery. The rotor magnetic field may be produced by permanent magnets, reluctance saliency, ac motor principle of operation pdf DC or AC electrical windings. The two main types of AC motors are induction motors and synchronous motors.

The synchronous motor produces its rated torque at exactly synchronous speed. AC and DC mechanically commutated machines in which speed is dependent on voltage and winding connection. Faraday is usually given credit for this discovery since he published his findings first. It consisted of a revolving horseshoe magnet passing over two wound wire coils. United States and Europe during the late 19th century trying to develop workable AC motors. June 28, 1879, to the Physical Society of London.

1880 that identified the rotating magnetic field principle and that of a two-phase AC system of currents to produce it. In 1887, American inventor Charles Schenk Bradley was the first to patent a two-phase AC power transmission with four wires. Tesla, in the same year, was granted a United States patent for his own motor. 1890, a much more capable design that became the prototype used in Europe and the U. He also invented the first three-phase generator and transformer and combined them into the first complete AC three-phase system in 1891.

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