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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Castration was frequently used for religious or social reasons in certain cultures in Europe, South Asia, Africa, and East Andrology books free download pdf. After battles in some cases, winners castrated their captives or the corpses of the defeated to symbolize their victory and seize their “power”.

Castration also figured in a number of religious castration cults. There are similar recorded Middle Eastern events. Removal of only the testicles had much less risk. Castration in humans has been proposed, and sometimes used, as a method of birth control in certain poorer regions. It may also be performed on someone who does not desire, or cannot afford, further surgery. The procedure of castration as punishment during the 16th century. It was practiced to extinguish opposing male lineages and thus allow the victor to sexually possess the defeated group’s women.

George’s branch of the family. 12th-century English adventurer and invader of the Scottish coast, was castrated. Scottish resistance leader, was castrated as part of his execution, for resistance to English rule. Roman Catholic Church, where ten children were allegedly “punished” by castration in the 1950s for reporting sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests. However, the Deetman Commission had rejected it as the person who reported the incident admitted it was speculative. Voluntary castration for homosexuality was also state policy in Netherlands at that point, as well against Catholic canon law, and there has been no evidence suggesting the Church had a part in organizing the procedures. However, it was still practiced after his reign.

According to historians, it was incorporated into Chinese law during the Zhou Dynasty. It was one of the five physical punishments that could be legally inflicted on criminals in China. Shang kings castrated prisoners of war. Minister of Crime, Marquis Lu, reformed the law in 950 BC to make it easier for people to be sentenced to castration instead of death.

As long as the practice existed in China, not only were the testicles merely removed but castration included the severing of one’s entire genitalia. Both organs were cut off with a knife at the same time. The Qin government confiscated the property and enslaved the families of rapists who received castration as a punishment. Chinese historian, was castrated by order of the Han Emperor of China for dissent. In another incident multiple people, including a chief scribe and his underlings, were subjected to castration. China demanded eunuchs to be sent as tribute from Korea.

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