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Sooner or Later” was composed to evoke the theatrical nature and style of the film. Madonna sings in her lowest register accompanied by a variable pitch. Critical response to the track was positive, with reviewers deeming it as an important addition to Madonna’s music catalog. Beatty to call her for the film. When Beatty did not reciprocate, the singer decided to involve herself voluntarily. She pursued the part of Mahoney, but offered to work for minimum wages to avoid favoritism. US in 1990, and number twelve globally.

The film also received positive reviews from critics. I’ve seen on a screen”. By the 1980s record labels started to release albums that were closely associated with a film, thereby gaining double promotion. These were mostly termed as soundtracks although many of them were not related to the film. Madonna started working on the soundtrack.

Sooner or Later”, “More” and “What Can You Lose”—which would be part of the album, but also had to write and develop new songs comparable in style to the previous. She produced the entire album, including the Sondheim songs. I want people to think of me as a musical comedy actress. That’s what this album is about for me. Not just pop music, but songs that have a different feel to them, a theatrical feel”, she said at the time. A sample from “Sooner or Later” displaying the piano and the brushed drum sounds as well as the horns.

It is accompanied by Madonna’s singing in her lowest range. The sample also displays the characteristic nightclub like atmosphere in the song. Sondheim were more “complex” than her usual recordings, hence Madonna found it difficult and demanding. She spoke about the “wilderness” of the tunes, saying that she was not confident of doing justice to the songs, and neither was Sondheim.

But he kept on encouraging the singer so that the recording sessions would not be affected. Sooner or Later” was composed as a 1930s jazz ballad with comping piano, brushed drum sounds, double bass and horns. Rooksby described the track as “conjuring the atmosphere of a smoky nightclub”. Madonna sings in her lowest range as the melody shifts continuously. I always get my man”, she sings “If you’re on my list it’s just a question of when”. Sondheim songs as highlights from the album, commenting how they fit Madonna’s “nasal voice as a glove”, and their addition to Madonna’s catalogue of songs would give her “the edge in future career moves”.

According to Lara, with “Sooner or Later”, Madonna “shows off a side to her singing that audiences haven’t heard yet, and what a side it is. She proves to her critics that she isn’t just the glitter and trash of the dance club scene, and that she can belt it out nearly as well as the best of them”. Madonna’s “breathy emotionality”, observing that Madonna did not whisper the line “I always get my man”, rather sang it aloud, bringing “conviction to a somewhat generic line”. Sooner or Later” are “typical Sondheim, with agile wordplay and devious chromatic harmonies”. Sondheim who did not attend the ceremony. Madonna performed “Sooner or Later” atop of a piano, as a chanteuse in a cabaret. Madonna “acquitted herself quite well on ‘Sooner or Later'”.

France, on August 5, 1990. Madonna had promised to perform at the award show if either “Sooner or Later” or “More” was nominated in the Best Original Song category. When she appeared onstage, there was technical difficulty resulting in the mike not appearing from below the ground, and a stagehand passing it to her. Had she been singing to an audience of screaming fans, she wouldn’t have been at all nervous. But this time she was performing in an auditorium full of established actors and actresses, a group of people to which she really didn’t belong, who didn’t respect her as an actress but whose respect she desperately wanted to win.

Madonna’s performance, saying that the singer “vamped awkwardly through , managing to seem even waxier in action than she did seated beside Michael Jackson in the audience. Oscar performance of all time, saying that “Madonna gave a performance that took us back to the glamorous days of old Hollywood. Oscar performance with the best style of all time. Madonna singing for an Oscar? London: Guinness World Records Limited.

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