Basic router configuration pdf

The Internet is a scary place these days. Almost daily, a new zero day, security breach, or ransomware basic router configuration pdf leaving many people wondering if it is possible to secure their systems. Many organizations spends hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars trying to install the latest and greatest security solutions to protect their infrastructure and data.

Home user’s though are at a monetary disadvantage. Investing even a hundred dollars into a dedicated firewall is often beyond the scope of most home networks. Thankfully, there are dedicated projects in the open source community that are making great strides in the home user security solutions arena. FreeBSD based open source firewall solution. 2 or more PCI-e network interface cards. DNS blacklisting, web content filtering, etc the recommended hardware becomes a little more involved. Modern multi-core CPU running at least 2.

Sense is often frustrating for users new to firewalls. The default behavior for many firewalls is to block everything, good or bad. This is great from a security standpoint but not from a usability standpoint. Before starting into the installation, it is important to conceptualize the end goal before beginning the configurations. Part of the installation process will involve prompting the user to begin configuring LAN and WAN interfaces. Using the drop down menu’s on the link provided earlier, select an appropriate mirror to download the file. The next process is to write the ISO to a USB drive to boot the installer.

Be sure to backup needed data. Boot that computer to that media and the following screen will be presented. Once the installer finishes booting, the system will prompt for any changes desired in the keyboard layout. The first question that is likely to be presented will ask about which kernel to install. When the installer has finished this stage, it will prompt for a reboot. Be sure to remove the installation media as well so the machine doesn’t boot back into the installer. The first thing to do would be to set an IP address on the LAN interface.

Type in the interface name recorded in step one when prompted for the WAN interface or change to the proper interface now. WAN interface as it will be the interface facing the Internet. Sense will now prompt to ensure that the interfaces are assigned properly. The next step will be to assign the interfaces the proper IP configuration.

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