Batch docx to pdf

The Mac includes a fantastic command line tool called textutil which allows for quick text file format conversions, translating almost any text or word document type into another. We’ve discussed textutil for a variety of uses, but typically it has been for one-off conversions of a specific file into a new file type. XML version batch docx to pdf a classic Office DOC file, into a simple TXT or RTF file format, which has greater compatibility.

Because textutil is a command line tool, users should be somewhat comfortable using the terminal before diving in, this is reflected in the first examples shown for those who know the command line well enough. The freshly converted rtf or txt files will appear in the same directory as the original . That’s it, you’re all done. Obviously the txt file format is more universally readable than rtf, but RTF files maintain some formatting better than txt.

Use whichever is necessary, or depending on the complexity of the docx files in question. Mac Finder to easily show the difference. Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Click here to cancel reply.

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