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The use of codes is intended to convey essential information quickly and with minimal misunderstanding to staff while preventing stress and panic among visitors to the hospital. Such codes are sometimes posted on placards throughout code orange pdf download hospital or are printed on employee identification badges for ready reference. Hospital emergency codes have often varied widely by location, even between hospitals in the same community.

Confusion over these codes has led to the proposal for and sometimes adoption of standardized codes. Other codes, however, only signal hospital staff generally to prepare for the fallout of some external event such as a natural disaster. British Columbia Ministry of Health. California hospitals queried, 47 different codes were used for infant abduction and 61 for combative person.

In light of this, HASC published a handbook titled “Healthcare Facility Emergency Codes: A Guide for Code Standardization” listing various codes and has strongly urged hospitals to voluntarily implement the revised codes. Health Systems, Oregon Patient Safety Commission, and Washington State Hospital Association formed a taskforce to standardize emergency code calls under the leadership of the Dr. Lawrence Schecter, Chief Medical Officer, Providence Regional Medical Center Everett. An adult, child, or infant’s heart has stopped or they are not breathing. Hospital Association formed a work group to develop plain language standardization code recommendations. Abolishing all color codes was suggested.

Different codes are used in different hospitals. Every hospital, as a part of its disaster plans, sets a policy to determine which units provide personnel for code coverage. This phrase was coined at Bethany Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas. The term “code” by itself is commonly used by medical professionals as a slang term for this type of emergency, as in “calling a code” or describing a patient in arrest as “coding” or “coded”. Plan Blue” was used at St.

Plan Blue” was called out to alert the surgeon on call to go immediately to the ER entrance and take the patient for immediate surgery. Doctor” codes are often used in hospital settings for announcements over a general loudspeaker or paging system that might cause panic or endanger a patient’s privacy. Most often, “Doctor” codes take the form of “Paging Dr. Sinclair”, where the doctor’s “name” is a code word for a dangerous situation or a patient in crisis. Paging Doctor Firestone, third floor,” to indicate a possible fire in the location specified.

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