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CPS redesign implemented in January 1994, including questionnaire changes and updated population controls. The occupational classification reflects the type of job or work that the person does, while the industry classification reflects the business activity of their employer or company. For the unemployed, comparing two pdf files for differences online occupation and industry are based on the last job held.

The Current Population Survey currently uses the 2010 Census occupational classification and the 2012 Census industry classification. The Census classifications use the same basic structure as the SOC and NAICS, but are generally less detailed. Population controls are independent estimates of population used to weight the CPS sample results to reflect the civilian noninstitutional population age 16 and older. Census Bureau develops the CPS population controls. They are based on the latest decennial census population count, supplemented with birth and death data and estimates of net international migration.

Following a decennial census, a new population base is introduced along with the adjustments. BLS incorporates the annual population control adjustments into the CPS estimates with data for January. The adjustments may increase or decrease the population level, depending on whether the latest information indicates the population estimates had trended high or low. Conceptually, the effects of the annual population control adjustments represent cumulative over- or under-estimation of the population since the last decennial census point.

Level shifts in the CPS labor force and employment series may result from the annual population control adjustments. Significant level shifts may make it difficult for data users to evaluate changes over time periods that include these adjustments. January 2000 and subsequent population control adjustments. Statistics from the CPS are subject to both sampling and nonsampling error. When a sample rather than the entire population is surveyed, there is a chance that the sample estimates may differ from the “true” population values they represent. The exact difference, or sampling error, varies depending on the particular sample selected, and this variability is measured by the standard error of the estimate. Seasonal adjustment is a statistical procedure used to remove seasonal fluctuations from data series, making it easier to observe cyclical and other economic trends.

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