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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. It proved popular enough to drive the release of several expansion sourcebooks and adventure modules. The products are no longer distributed d&d heroes of shadow pdf print form.

Fantasy Flight also discontinued sale of PDF editions from its online shop, although PDFs are still carried by third-party online vendors. Publication of new products has ceased. Eredane, a large continent with varied geography and inhabitants, one hundred years after the dark god Izrador has won a war of domination. An unknown time ago, there was a war in the heavens. He lost the war, so the gods punished him by banishing him to Eredane for all eternity. Izrador’s fall created the Veil of Izrador, a barrier that prevented the other gods from influencing the land. Izrador has since taken over the land, so now there is no magic in Eredane but his own, and Izrador has become “The Shadow”.

Long before Izrador’s fall, in the First Age of Eredane, a sorceress named Aradil came to the elven throne. She brought peace to her people and this peace spread across the land, creating a new age of peace and trade in magic and science, until it seemed that magic would have no bounds. There were no disputes between cultures, and customs were passed along. But after four thousand years, a new race came from an unknown land. The gnomes and halflings opened their arms to this new people, a human race called the Dorns, who had lost their land across the sea due to the betrayal of King Jahir III. Hoping to claim land for themselves, they slaughtered all they found and wiped out most of those who had wished to help them.

The Dorns quickly attacked the elves and dwarves. As these races were used only to fighting undisciplined orcs, they were quickly outmatched by the war-hardened Dorns. But the elves and dwarves developed their tactics until the sides were even. The ensuing war tore Eredane apart for 300 years.

After this time, the dead began to rise. Many times, after a battle, the dead would rise, and both sides would drop their weapons and flee these abominations. After a few years of fighting these creatures, their resources spent, the races of Eredane adopted a new method of burying their dead and the rising of corpses was slowed to a trickle. For 700 years, trade routes reopened and the Dorns came to be trusted again. The Shadow knew that the elves were its greatest foe, so it attempted to destroy them quickly, but to no avail. For five days, the races of Eredane fought, until the rivers ran red with blood and the forest groves turned to swamps with the blood of the orcs. And so the Shadow was finally driven back to the North.

This was the dawn of the Second Age of Eredane, which began with 230 years of peace, growing economies and widening frontiers. A wall was built to face the North so that the Shadow would not come again. The Sarcosans had driven the Dorns out of the far-distant land of Pelluria and wished to take this new land for their own. The Sarcosans liked the elven forest of Aryth, and tried to conquer it. It took the Sarcosans one hundred years to realize that the elves would not be drawn from the trees, and they finally sued for peace. And then again came a period of 800 years of peace, the longest such period since the Dornish invasions more than 3,000 years before.

The Shadow then came again to Eredane. The Second Invasion of the Shadow consisted of a series of raids on the wall, which was breached in a number of places. The Shadow’s army poured out again, attacking in many places at once, to split the races’ energies. For many weeks, the battles raged, with the Fell rising every night. All seemed lost for the people of Eredane, when a new army of dragons came from the south and fought the forces of the Shadow. When the battle was over, both sides had suffered greatly. The orcs were scattered, and the people of Eredane had lost all of their faith.

They quietly returned to their homes again, thus ending the Second Age, and beginning the Third Age. A thousand years passed, and it was still no better. The Dorns fought over the new kings, for the rest had been slain. The dwarves were forced into the mountains by some still-resilient orcs, and were confined there.

The elves knew the Shadow would come again, but the shorter-lived races had lost their memory of the great battles. In the end, all the races but the elves and dwarves were reduced to tribes. When the Shadow came again, he did not send a huge army, but he corrupted the minds of men. He promised men wealth and power in exchange for black promises of vengeance and death. There was a battle that lasted a day and only briefly delayed the Shadow.

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