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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. He made his first on-screen appearance during the episode airing on 6 May 2007. Dark winter john casey pdf character departed on 3 June 2011 after four years on the show.

21 October 2011 until 28 October 2011 when he was killed off. John and Fiz begin dating. The pair are almost caught together on several occasions and Fiz realises something is up with John. She wrongly accuses John and Sally of having an affair.

John and Rosie’s relationship is revealed on Christmas Day, after John mixes up Fiz and Rosie’s presents. John is fired from his teaching job due to his relationship with Rosie. John gets a job at Street Cars and Fiz forgives him for cheating on her. John notices Rosie outside a nightclub one night and, blaming her for his misfortune, he kidnaps her.

John locks Rosie in his grandmother’s house for five weeks. Fiz comes to the house and finds Rosie, John is then arrested. He is sentenced to two years in prison. Fiz learns John has been put on suicide watch, after being diagnosed with depression and she goes to visit him. 150,000 from his inheritance as a form of compensation. Fiz asks John to marry her and he accepts.

John is later released from prison and moves in with Fiz. Colin explains that he is emigrating to Canada and is leaving the teaching profession. After being sacked from his job at an adult education centre, John decides to take Colin’s identity and use it to start teaching again. Fiz agrees to go along with his plan and they keep it a secret from Chesney.

John is doing and she starts emotionally blackmailing him. John learns Colin is moving to Canada because he was having an affair with a married woman. The woman’s husband tracks down John, thinking he is Colin, and punches him. Fiz asks John to quit teaching and he agrees, but decides to continue with the deception in secret. Colin returns unexpectedly and confronts John and Charlotte.

During an argument, Colin collapses and dies of a brain hemorrhage. John and Charlotte dispose of Colin’s body in a hole in the floor of the Underworld factory. Fiz learns John is still teaching and threatens to leave him. She later tells John she is pregnant and John promises never to lie to her again. John is pursued by a stalker, who turns out to be Charlotte. John tells her Colin has gone to Canada. John tells Charlotte that he has no intention of leaving Fiz for her.

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