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This article is about the term in Judaism. Judaism, also termed “Divine Inspiration,” generally refers to the inspiration through which derech hashem english pdf individuals perceive and channel the Divine through action, writing or speech. Through this they attain some degree of prophetic knowledge, and possibly convey it to others. Holy Spirit” can indicate the general ability to perceive Divine revelations shared by all prophets.

Messianic Era using this term. Holy Spirit to guide them. Holy Spirit can also be used more technically to indicate a specific level of inspiration. Among the various levels of prophecy, Holy Spirit is one of the lowest levels, and is strictly speaking not considered prophecy proper. The difference lies in the intensity of the experience, and the lack of knowledge that the revelation is an actual prophecy. The subject could be of science, a psalm, a moral message for those around him, or an exposition of political or theological knowledge.

Holy Spirit, and their authors are thus only called prophets in the more general sense of the term. The above is different from true prophecy in a few ways. Also, while one with Holy Spirit would retain control over his body and senses, a prophet’s limbs would tremble, his physical powers would weaken, and he would lose control of his senses in order that his mind be able to focus entirely on the revelation. In general, the prerequisites for the Holy Spirit are similar to those for actual prophecy.

For example, the Holy Spirit would only rest upon one who was happy. Jewish people, achieving a state of happiness was difficult, and so prophecy and the Holy Spirit ceased among the Jews. 60:15, and the benefits of this for general spiritual sensitivity are echoed elsewhere in the Talmud and in Chassidic literature. Sin could also drive away the Holy Spirit. David was afraid of falling from the level of men of the Holy Spirit. The rabbinical understanding of the Holy Spirit has a certain degree of personification, but it remains, “a quality belonging to God, one of his attributes”.

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