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Alexander Schauss did extensive research into the effects of the color on emotions at the Naval Correctional Facility in Seattle, and named it after the institute directors, Baker and Miller. It drunk tank pink free pdf the RGB code: R:255, G:145, B: 175.

Luscher noticed that color preferences shifted according to psychological and physiological fluctuations in his patients. Luscher asserted that color choice reflects emotional states. Schauss began to experiment on himself, with the help of his research assistant John Ott. 24 inch card printed with this color, especially after exercising, there would result “a marked effect on lowering the heart rate, pulse and respiration as compared to other colors. Schauss named the color after the Naval correctional institute directors, Baker and Miller.

Baker-Miller Pink is now the official name of the paint whose color has the following RGB code: R: 255, G: 145, B: 175. At the correctional facility, the rates of assault before and after the interior was painted pink were monitored. According to the Navy’s report, “Since the initiation of this procedure on 1 March 1979, there have been no incidents of erratic or hostile behavior during the initial phase of confinement”. Only fifteen minutes of exposure was enough to ensure that the potential for violent or aggressive behavior had been reduced, the report observed. Results of a controlled study by James E. Gilliam and David Unruh conflicted with Baker-Miller Pink’s purported effect of lowering heart rate and strength.

Santa Clara County Jail, the prison incident rate increased and even peaked compared to pre-pink months, despite a small decrease in the first month. Millhouse purposely incorporated Baker-Miller pink into its restaurant decor and menu items. The Effects of Baker-Miller Pink on Biological, Physical and Cognitive Behaviour” by James E. This page was last edited on 27 December 2017, at 02:58.

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