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The restaurant had a limited season: the PIXA season, for example, ran from June 15 to December 20. Bookings for the next year were taken on el bulli book pdf single day after the closing of the current season.

It accommodated only 8,000 diners a season, but got more than two million requests. As of April 2008, the restaurant employed 42 chefs. Marketa, who wanted a restaurant for a piece of land he had purchased. The first restaurant was opened in 1964. 1976 while under French chef Jean-Louis Neichel.

Ferran Adrià joined the staff in 1984, and was put in sole charge of the kitchen in 1987. CD-ROMs, and small format for supermarket sales. Pastry chefs everywhere—when they see this—will gape in fear, and awe, and wonder. What do I do now? Texturas is a range of products by Ferran Adrià and his brother Albert Adrià.

The products include the Sferificación, Gelificación, Emulsificación, Espesantes and Surprises lines and are the result of a rigorous process of selection and experimentation. Xantana Texturas and Algin Texturas respectively. Xanthan gum allows the user to use a very small amount to thicken soups, sauces and creams without changing the flavour. Kit” and is essential for every spherical preparation: caviar, raviolis, balloons, gnocchi, pellets, and mini-spheres. We will transform into a creativity center, opening in 2014.

Its main objective is to be a think-tank for creative cuisine and gastronomy and will be managed by a private foundation. The exhibition looked back over the evolution of the restaurant’s laboratory and kitchen. Multimedia displays examined the methods behind the creation of signature dishes and original sketches and hand written notes of the recipe creations were on display with plasticine models of the dishes that were served. Who’s for a Bulli burger?

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