Endangered animals reading comprehension pdf

Kids love to read about real people, places, and endangered animals reading comprehension pdf. Nonfiction books present real information in engaging and interesting ways.

However, most kids read a lot more fiction than nonfiction, so spend some extra time helping your reader learn how to navigate a nonfiction book. Many kids love to read about science and nature as well as real people, places, and events. Nonfiction books present information in engaging and interesting ways. Find out how you can help your child learn to navigate all the parts of a nonfiction book — from the table of contents to the diagrams, captions, glossary, and index. Literacy in the Sciences: Activity No. Begin by explaining that the book you’re about to share is nonfiction.

That means that the book will give us information that is true. The book will be organized around a specific topic or idea, and we may learn new facts through reading. Some kids even enjoy sorting their home libraries into fiction and nonfiction books. This simple categorization task helps your child understand the difference between fiction and nonfiction. Most good nonfiction books will have helpful features that are not a part of most fiction books.

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