Factors affecting immunity pdf

This article is about blood clotting. The system in humans has been the most extensively researched and is the best understood. The interaction of vWF and GP1b alpha. The GP1b receptor on the surface of platelets allows the platelet to bind to vWF, which is factors affecting immunity pdf upon damage to vasulature.

Activated integrins mediate tight binding of platelets to the extracellular matrix. This process adheres platelets to the site of injury. Activated platelets will release the contents of stored granules into the blood plasma. Hand-drawn composite from similar drawings presented by Professor Dzung Le, MD, PhD, at UCSD Clinical Chemistry conferences on 14 and 21 October 2014.

Original schema from Introduction to Hematology by Samuel I. Dr Le added the factor XI portion based on a paper from about year 2000. Dr Le’s similar drawings presented the development of this cascade over 6 frames, like a comic. The exceptions are FIII, FV, FVIII, FXIII. The coagulation cascade is therefore classically divided into three pathways. FVIIa circulates in a higher amount than any other activated coagulation factor.

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