History of buddhism pdf

Please forward this error screen to 74. When people do bad things, they will get bad consequences. Who was the first Buddha? He gave up history of buddhism pdf to find a way to end suffering.

According to the Buddha, overcoming suffering allows a person to be truly happy. The Buddha taught that if people make good decisions they would be happy and have peace of mind. The Buddha taught that life is imperfect and that we will suffer. In Buddhism Enlightenment and Nirvana mean the same thing. This is the teaching of all the Buddhas. Buddhists sometimes do these things to understand the human heart and mind. Sometimes they do these things to understand the way the world works.

Sometimes they do these things to find peace. Buddhists do not believe that people should look to gods to save them or bring them enlightenment. The gods may have power over world events and they might help people, or they might not. Other Buddhists believe the stories about gods are just there to help us learn about parts of ourselves. Buddhists do not believe that a Buddha is a god, but that he is a human being who has woken up and can see the true way the world works. They believe this knowledge totally changes the person.

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