How to influence people”s minds pdf

The converted lawyer is well known for making shocking statements that upset the commonly held beliefs of most evangelicals. The following statement about the millennium is illustrative: “If the Church will do all her duty, the millennium may come in this country in three years. He also believed that if the church had cooperated fully with the type of revivalism he espoused it would have already brought about the millennium: “If the whole Church, how to influence people’s minds pdf a body, had gone to work ten years ago, and continued it as a few individuals, whom I could name, have done, there might not now have been an impenitent sinner in the land.

The millennium would have fully come into the United States before this day. There are several problems with this, the greatest of which is that the Bible does not teach it. As we will see, Finney felt free to depart from Biblical orthodoxy in order to promote his ideals. Charles Finney had a series of beliefs that are akin to the Pelagian heresy of the 5th century. These beliefs, and a basic philosophical premise that led Finney to them, help explain his post-millennialism and views on revival. Pelagius serve as our primary source for understanding him. God helps a man, He must be supposed to help him to turn away from evil and do good, by revealing to him and teaching him what he ought to do, but not with the additional assistance of His co-operation and inspiration of love, that he may accomplish that which he had discovered it to be his duty to do.

God never commands that which humans are unable to obey. For example: “The command itself implies ability to obey it. Every command of God implies this in the strongest manner. It should be remembered that God is perfect in both love and wisdom: therefore He cannot be so unjust as to demand of us an impossibility, nor so ignorant as not to know the real limits of our powers. Finney repeats this principle often. Finney did not deny human sinfulness, but denied constitutional depravity inherited from Adam.

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