Hsp math grade 4 pdf

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Using copper and aluminum cubes of the same volume, students explore the concept of density in this 5E lesson. The resources include handouts and multimedia. This site features outstanding animations on each of the elements, but the download times are a bit too long. This animation illustrates the effects of changes in temperature and pressure on the states of matter for three substances: water, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen.

In this roller coaster ride, Digger and his friends learn about magnets and the properties of some materials. Compare and contrast chemical and physical properties and changes. The flowchart diagram will help. With water as an example, this video describes the properties of matter. Move the items into the beaker and see what happens when you stir. Try to determine which mateterial has more mass and which has less.

Can you create a rainbow pattern of colors in a test tube? Learn to calculate the density of an unknown solid from knowing its mass and volume. Measure the density of salt water by determining what salt concentration will float an egg. View the pH scale and see how the pH of water affects the environment. This page describes the chemical and physical properties of water, with links to an on-line quiz.

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