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There are no reviews yet. Smartphone is now increasingly more popular. The users are more increased time by time. However, do you know what the best Smartphone is? Besides that, it also has the highest satisfaction from all types of Smartphone. So, it is interesting to know their specs.

The camera includes a slight taper that leads up to the lens. It also comes with redesigned antenna so that the line that across the back is not visible again. For the Home button, it is redesigned wholly with more durable design than the previous version. Even more, it is water resistant that adds the durability.

For the color, it offers 2 options. Overall, the changes of design make it much more attractive. It is also interesting to review about its camera. Then, the camera can also capture the wider range of color. In addition, it also includes Image Signal Processor that will be able to process more than 100 billion operations within 25 milliseconds.

Comes with LED, it can produce the brighter flash. Anyway, the camera is really satisfying. One of the best features offered by this Smartphone is water resistant feature. Even though it is not truly water proof, you do not worry to bring it when it is rain or unexpectedly drop it in the toilet or pool. You have to dry it out first. If it gets wet, it should only be in the speaker and port areas, not whole of the phone.

Anyway, you need to thank to this interesting feature. The next interesting feature offered is stereo speakers. One of them is located at the top of this phone whereas another one is at the bottom. Those speakers are not only louder but they can also work together to produce the better dynamic range and quality sound. In other words, its stereo speakers are very great and satisfying. It can be seen from the processor used.

It comes with Quad Core CPU that has 2 GB of RAM. So, you can use this Smartphone to run applications, games, and others fast. It also keeps smooth and cool even you operate it all day. So, it can be said that this Smartphone has high performance. For more detailed, you can see the following overview. Starts from the design, it comes with 5 different models where two of them are new. They are bye and bye Space Grey.

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