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File:Pacific Ocean laea java2 black book pdf location map. It is bounded by Lyra Basin to the north-west, East Mariana Basin to the north, Nauru Basin to the north-east, and the Ellice Basin to the south-east. The maximum extent of the event can, however, be much larger since lavas in several surrounding basins are closely related to the OJP event and probably represent dike swarms associated with the emplacement of the OJP.

OAE1a or the Selli Event, 125. Additionally, isotopic records of seawater in sediments have been associated with the 90 Ma OJP submarine eruptions. Only the uppermost 7 km of the crust is preserved on the Australian Plate. Physical features and gross structure of the OJP, pp. Erosional levels of rocks in the Solomon Islands, p.

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