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This article k siddhartha geography pdf download about the ancient Shakya Republic. Shakyas”, the most famous Shakya.

He was pure in conduct, and beloved of the Śākya like the autumn moon. He had a wife, splendid, beautiful, and steadfast, who was called the Great Maya, from her resemblance to Maya the Goddess. According to this text, Okkamukha was the eldest son of Ikshvaku. Sivisamjaya and Sihassara were the son and grandson of Okkamukha. King Sihassara had eighty-two thousand sons and grandsons, who were together known as the Shakyas.

The youngest son of Sihassara was Jayasena. Devadahasakka had two daughters, Anjana and Kaccana. Suddhodana was one of them. Suddhodana had two queens, Maya and Prajapati, both daughters of Anjana.

Suppabuddha and granddaughter of Añjana. A new building for the Shakya santhagara was constructed at the time of Gautama Buddha, which was inaugurated by him. 500 members, which met in the santhagara to transact any important business. By the time of Siddharta’s birth, the Shakya republic had become a vassal state of the larger Kingdom of Kosala.

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