Laws of motion worksheet pdf

Which is better- AIIMS or NEET? A object goes from point X to Y and then come laws of motion worksheet pdf from Y to X. What is the displacement and average velocity? Displacement is zero as it come back to it initial point.

Write down the difference between Scalars and Vectors? Four Cyclist A,B,C ,D starts at the same point and at the same time and move in a straight line to reach destination . They all move with uniform velocities. What do you infer if ? What is the difference between Uniform Accelerated and Non Uniform accelerated motion?

A body is said to be in uniform acceleration if it travels in a straight line and its velocity increases or decreases by equal amounts in equal intervals of time. A car moving in a straight line. Some time putting more pressure on the accelerator pedal is a perfect example of non uniform accelerated motion. What happens to speed, velocity acceleration when an object moves in a circle with uniform speed? When an object is thrown upwards, what is true of velocity and acceleration at the highest point of motion of the object? Difference between Speed and Velocity?

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