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This tutorial shows you a step by step Gentoo installation simplified single-boot using a 64-bit image with the last Stage 3 Tarball, using a GPT partition schema. 3 tarball with minimal system software required to complete installation. 64-bit image with the last Stage 3 Tarball, using a GPT partition scheme and a customized Kernel image provided by Gentoo developers, so learn linux step by step pdf yourself with plenty of patience because installing Gentoo can be a long time consuming process.

DVD and Gentoo prompt LiveDVD should appear on your screen. After Gentoo DVD content is loaded you will be prompted with Gentoo main login screen which provides the default credentials for live session. KDE start button and open a Terminal window. NIC has problems with automatically detect DHCP settings. For static network configurations use the following commands but replace IPs according to your network settings. After you network connectivity has been established and confirmed it’s time to prepare Hard Disk. After entering parted CLI interface set GPT label on your hard disk.

Then create all the partitions using the same method as above. MB at the end of disk space. Now it’s time to download Gentoo Stage 3 Tarball. Now you have a minimal Gentoo environment installed on your computer but the installation process is far from being finished.

We are thankful for your never ending support. Your name can also be listed here. I’m a Linux noob but Gentoo and Arch Linux just make me barf. It’s easier to to just repackage, re-brand and re-roll your own distro based on an existing one. The amount of time and punishment it takes to learn the Linux kernel, File system, Daemons, Partitions etc. A newb like me would rather just based a distro on an existing one. It’s cheap, it’s dirty, it’s under handed but it’s free so why not.

I used this guide to install Gentoo in the club! You forgot to include the step for mounting the partitions. There is just a screenshot but you skipped that step in your guide. Kinda ruined the whole guide for me because it seemed so thorough that I didn’t question it until I kept running out of space trying to install the kernel and had to go back only to see you completely left that step out. I finally found it in the tiny font of the screenshot. Good effort though but you should really fix that if you are going to call it an installation guide because without the step it makes it awfully confusing considering there is a step along with each screenshot for everything else. It was very useful to me.

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