Medical laboratory technician job description pdf

BMETs are employed by hospitals, clinics, private sector companies, medical laboratory technician job description pdf the military. Normally, BMETs install, inspect, maintain, repair, calibrate, modify and design biomedical equipment and support systems to adhere to medical standard guidelines but also perform specialized duties and roles.

BMETs educate, train, and advise staff and other agencies on theory of operation, physiological principles, and safe clinical application of biomedical equipment maintaining the facility’s patient care and medical staff equipment. At least 1,200 people a year are electrocuted and many more are killed or injured in needless electrical accidents in hospitals. BMETs cover a vast array of different functional fields and medical devices. These experts come from either from the military, or an OEM background. An Imaging Repair Specialist usually does not have much, if any, general BMET training. However, there are situations where a BMET will cross-train into these functional fields.

BMETs must conform with federal and state regulations and local standards on medical device safety, as well as most biomedical systems must have documentation to show that they were managed, modified, tested, and delivered. In addition, biomedical systems are used according to a planned, approved process that increases the quality and safety of diagnostics and therapeutic equipment that reduces the risk of injury, harm, or death to patients and staff. In the United States, BMETs may operate under various regulatory frameworks. US government registry of biomedical devices. Other countries typically have their own mechanisms for regulation.

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