Murugan 108 potri in tamil pdf

Thiruvilakku Pooja every Friday at home. I have given a simple Lakshmi pooja method for working murugan 108 potri in tamil pdf and a detailed procedure with 108 potri for housewives.

PDF format for Lakshmi Pooja slokas, mantras in Tamil. Please download it by clicking the link. In South India – Tamil nadu, most of the housewives do this thiruvilakku poojai regularly at home in a simple way by chanting 108 potri. We worship Goddess Mahalakshmi in the lamp and perform this pooja. Rangoli, songs in a detailed manner just like my other festival procedures post. Few readers wanted me to share a simple pooja that helps working women and busy moms. So I have shared the pooja procedure in two ways by referring my Friday pooja book in Tamil.

5 to 10 minutes to do it. It would be ideal for working women to do it either in the morning or evening around 6 pm. Not just on Friday, you can do this pooja everyday. The second one is my family’s traditional way with 108 potri which I learnt from my MIL. Some people make it in an elaborate way by keeping kalasha.

I have shared it in detail. Basically Lakshmi puja is performed by married women seeking long life for their husband, health, wealth, peace of their family. This pooja gives us immense benefits if done whole heartedly with full faith. In North India, this puja is performed during Diwali in a grand manner. Today I have shared this post mainly for beginners and newly wedded girls.

I have also mentioned the benefits and significance of this pooja. I have shared all the pictures from my pooja room. Hope it would be useful for you all to get some ideas. Murugan temples in Tamil nadu. But I never thought it can be performed at home till my marriage. I came to know about it from my MIL. She used to do this pooja every Friday at home.

Initially I was just a listener sitting along with her and watching it. After 5 years of my marriage, I started doing it on my own by following her method while she continues to do it in our Salem house even at this age. After buying our own house, I performed Vaibhava Lakshmi pooja by keeping Kalasam for 11 weeks as advised by my neighbor. Its an elaborate pooja just like Varamahalakshmi festival. So I will share it later.

As usual, this post would be very lengthy as I have given all the sloka in English and Tamil. So please bear with me. I will try to make a separate post in Telugu and Hindi with the help of my friends and try to make a PDF of them in near future. Thanks for visiting this page.

PDF format of sloka, mantras in Tamil. Mahalakshmi pooja is performed by married women or young girls at home seeking health, wealth, harmony and long life for their husband, removal of sins and black magic. By doing this pooja, It is believed that Lakshmi, wife of Lord Vishnu and the Goddess of wealth visits her devotees house during this pooja and bless them with abundant wealth and good health. Goddess Lakshmi prefers clean house.

Lakshmi pooja can be done performed by a single person or by a group of ladies at home. Chithirai : Blessed with increased production of Pulses. Maasi : Blessed with removal of sins. Wooden plank or plate or peeta for placing the lamp.

Match box, Plates to keep fruits, coconut. Please refer the above picture. I have 108 silver flowers which I use it for archanai. Please check the picture given above. On the previous day i. Thursday night, Sweep the house clean. Wash all the lamps and pooja accessories.

Dry them and decorate it by keeping sandal and kumkum dots. You can draw kolam in the entrance on previous day night of you wish. It is also auspicious if you do this pooja in the evening around 6 pm. So keep all the things ready before pooja timings. My MIL draws padi kolam with hrudaya kamalam in the center.

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