Nagios tutorial for beginners pdf

In this article we will show nagios tutorial for beginners pdf how to add remote Linux machine and it’s services to Nagios Monitoring host using NRPE agent. If not, please use the following installation guide to install it on the system.

We will be covering both the installation parts separately. Today, most of the modern Linux distributions have these two installed by default. If not, we will install it later during the installation when required. Create a new nagios user account and set a password. Create a directory for installation and all its future downloads. After, extracting one new folder will appear in that directory. Set the permissions on the plugin directory.

Most of the systems, its by default installed. Unpack the NRPE source code tarball. Compile and install the NRPE addon. Next, install the NRPE plugin daemon, and sample daemon config file. Install the NRPE daemon under xinetd as a service.

Run the following command to verify the NRPE daemon working correctly under xinetd. If you get output similar to above, means it working correctly. If not, make sure to check the following things. Next, verify the NRPE daemon is functioning properly. To do this, run the following iptables command. Run the following command to Save the new iptables rule so it will survive at system reboots. The default NRPE configuration file that got installed has several command definitions that will be used to monitor this machine.

The sample configuration file located at. The following are the default command definitions that are located at the bottom of the configuration file. For the time being, we assume you are using these commands. You can check them by using the following commands. OK – load average: 3. You can edit and add new command definitions by editing the NRPE config file.

If your receive a plugin time-out error, then check the following things. Now add these two files to main Nagios configuration file. Now add the two newly created files as shown below. Add the following NRPE command definition at the bottom of the file. Finally, verify Nagios Configuration files for any errors. We are thankful for your never ending support. A Computer Geek and Linux Guru who loves to share tricks and tips on Internet.

Your name can also be listed here. Which one of them is picked? Am trying to add hostgroups to nagios but its not picking up the hosts information. No rule to make target `install-daemon-config’. No rule to make target `install-xinetd’.

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