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Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it. You can choose your language settings from within the program. This article is about the American wrestling promotion that existed from 1988 to 2001. World Championship Wrestling logo 1999-2001. Crockett’s business assets not picked up by World Wrestling Federation Entertainment.

WCW eclipsed the WWF in popularity throughout the United States for much of the latter-1990s, however, numerous financial and creative missteps led to the company losing its lead over the WWF. In 2001 selected assets were purchased by the WWF. Since 2001, WCW images and video footage have been widely distributed in WWE-owned media. Two separate subsidiary companies exist as successors to WCW. WCW video library and other intellectual property. The name “World Championship Wrestling” was first used as a brand and television show title in 1982.

Barnett ultimately became majority owner of the promotion, and began using his previous employer’s name for his new promotion’s television program in 1982. World Championship Wrestling’ appeared on the national scene. World Championship Wrestling” TV show name, as the brand name for this new promotion. WCW went through various changes in business and creative leadership during its existence. WCW’s profile with mainstream media, its target audience and especially, TV advertisers. Orlando, Florida, and, signing a mix of veteran U. WCW opted to bring Russo and Bischoff back in April 2000, in hopes that the duo might re-spark flagging fan interest in WCW.

The two, however, did not get along well and Bischoff soon resigned from the sinking company. Nitro, and Madusa were retired after the WCW sponsorship was lost. Nitro then became ‘Flashfire’, and then was converted into ‘Inferno’. WCW by her ring name of Madusa. 2003 and continues to compete in the series. As 2000 came to a close, a number of potential buyers for WCW were rumored to show interest in the company. AOL and Time Warner in 2001, and most offers were rejected.

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