Nonverbal communication burgoon pdf

Chronemics can be briefly and generally defined as the study of human tempo as it related to human communication. More specifically, chronemics involves the study of both subjective and objective human tempos as they influence and are interdependent with human behavior. Nonverbal communication burgoon pdf, chronemics involves the study of human communication as it relates to interdependent and integrated levels of time-experiencing.

A number of classification systems exist in the literature of time. However, such systems are not applied to human interaction directly. Time perception plays a large role in the nonverbal communication process. The use of time can affect lifestyle, daily agendas, speed of speech, movements, and how long people are willing to listen. Time can be used as an indicator of status. For example, in most companies the boss can interrupt progress to hold an impromptu meeting in the middle of the work day, yet the average worker would have to make an appointment to see the boss.

The way in which different cultures perceive time can influence communication as well. A monochronic time system means that things are done one at a time and time is segmented into precise, small units. Under this system, time is scheduled, arranged and managed. Many Americans like to think that to them, time is a precious resource not to be wasted or taken lightly.

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