Parallel lines and angles worksheet pdf

Please forward this error screen to 207. Revision worksheet covering basic angle rules, angles in parallel lines, angles in polygons, bearings parallel lines and angles worksheet pdf circle theorems.

The worksheet is aimed at students working towards a grade C and B. Constructions using a protractor and compasses. This is a small pack of GCSE revision cards. It is aimed at target grade C students.

Revision worksheet used for students working towards grade C and B. Area and perimeter of plane shapes. Applied questions on perimeter and area. Tried and tested with great outcomes from students. Fully differentiated resource with challenging questions.

A presentation to help students understand acute, right and obtuse angles with a hyperlink to banana hunt. The Drill Questions series is intended to provide material for the practice of common mathematical skills. This is a Powerpoint teaching students how to find the interior and exterior angles of a polygon. Creating angles for themselves to measure gives students increased incentive to perform well. This download contains four sets of cards. Students choose a set and sort them into order by answering the questions. Strengthen your Sixth grader’s math learning and skills with www.

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