Plant engineer”s handbook pdf

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Little is known about his childhood or adolescence although we do know that his family’s ambitions for him did not include becoming an engineer. In those days mains electricity was rare and therefore most large houses had their own electricity generating plants. It was while working at Shiplake that Turner designed his No. He drew up the patterns which he then sent away to be cast. On their return he machined and assembled them and soon showed the finished model at a local exhibition.

This coverage brought an immediate response and orders for sets of castings flooded in, and a business was established in 1898. Plint in 1903, who he had worked with in Jersey and was trained in electrical engineering. The name Stuart Turner is eponymous with small quality models, and many of the steam models and rarer internal combustion models are much sought after by collectors. Stuart Turner went on to produce further model steam designs, and in 1906 there were nine models in the range.

By 1907 more space was needed so premises were rented at Market Place, Henley-On-Thames where the company remained for many years. This made possible lightweight engines and new applications. Stuart Turner were exploring making small 2-strokes for motorcycles and generators. London, who were until then purely a bicycle manufacturer. This went on sale in late 1913.

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