Poor things alasdair gray pdf

Gray’s usual subject-matter of Glasgow realism and fantasy. However, its Victorian narrative takes in Gray’s poor things alasdair gray pdf concerns with social inequalities, relationships, memory and identity. The main body of the work centres on Bella Baxter, a woman whose early life and identity are the subject of some ambiguity. These fictitious historical documents are prefaced with an introduction by one Alasdair Gray, who presents himself as the editor of the following text, and relates the ‘discovery’ of the papers by his real-life friends, Michael Donnelly and Elspeth King.

One feature of the novel which has also attracted comment is the page of review quotes which also features a printed erratum strip. Making up for Lost Time”: Scotland, Stories, and the Self in Alasdair Gray’s” Poor Things. Unreliable Narrators: Poor Things and its Paradigms. Gray, Alasdair, James Kelman, and Tom Toremans.

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