Rabindra rachanabali pdf free download

Be the first to comment! All rabindra rachanabali pdf free download us have heard of ‘Arabya Rajani’.

Its Arabic name is Kitab Alf Lila Wai-Lailah. All readers know it as Alif Laila. It is basically an assortment of fairy tales of Arabian, Persian, Indian, Egyptian, Mesopotamian civilization. There are many stories of history, adventure as well as the fibel like Ishp.

And There are many famous stories in this Arabian novel like Sinbad, Alibaba Forty Thieves, Alladin. It has been translated into different languages of the world. But most of the stories are for adults. But little friends will not be sorry, because the book that I have brought is completely for my dear little friends. So all of you can collect the fairy tales book ‘Chhotoder Arabya Rajani’ as pdf file from link below. And the collection has 19 stories. Dear readers can collect or read the Bangla ebook as a file format of pdf, epub, mobi in this blog.

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