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Kaikeyi demands that Rama should be banished to the forest for fourteen years and that Bharat should be crowned as king. Ramayanam in tamil pdf free download keeps his word and with a heavy heart asks Rama to leave for the forest. When Bharat learns that his mother is responsible for Rama’s exile he renounces her and beseeches Rama to return to Ayodhya. Rama is the true king.

Season 2 focuses on Ram-Sita’s life after returning from exile, birth of Luv-Kush and their reunion with the royal family and final departure of Sita and Ram from the earth. Eldest Son of Kaushalya and Dasharatha. One of the twin sons of Rama and Sita. Brother and close companion of Rama.

He is the twin brother of Shatrughna, born to Sumitra, the second wife of Dasharatha, his father. Thus, Lakshmana is the third eldest son of Dashratha. A general among the vanaras, Hanuman is a disciple of Rama in the war against the demon king Ravan. Janakpuri, to attend Sita swayamvar. Father of Rama and his brothers. Brother of Rama, and the son of Dasaratha and Kaikeyi. He is the second eldest son of Dasharatha.

Brother of Rama and son of Dasaratha and his third wife, Sumitra. He is the youngest son of Dasharatha. The eldest of King Da┼Ťaratha’s three wives, she was the daughter of the King of the Kosala Kingdom. She was the mother of Rama. One of the three wives of Dasharatha and mother of Bharata. One of the three wives of Dasharatha and mother of twins, Shatrughna and Lakshmana. Though a Rakshasa himself, Vibhishana was of a noble character and advised Ravana, who kidnapped and abducted Sita, to return her to her husband Rama in an orderly fashion and promptly.

When his brother did not listen to his advice, Vibhishana joined Rama’s army. Later, when Rama defeated Ravana, Rama crowned Vibhishana as the king of Lanka. A warrior mentioned in the Indian epic Ramayana, was the son of the Lankan king Ravana. He is a demon and brother of Ravana in the Indian Ramayana epic. Despite his monstrous size and great hunger, he was described to be of good character, though he killed and ate many Hindu monks just to show his power. Eldest son of Kaushalya and Dasharatha, King of Ayodhya.

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