Sandman endless nights pdf

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Bridge of Fire”, prefacing the events which follow. The stories in the collection first appeared in 1995 and 1996. The collection first appeared in paperback sandman endless nights pdf hardback in 1996.

A series of speakers, of which the last Death, reflect on the life and death of the late Dream King. Hob, lived through this period of history, dismisses the Faire as ridiculous even as it brings back painful memories of other lives he has lived. He escapes his memories by getting drunk alone in an empty tent. Hob’s recent dream of attending Morpheus’s funeral was true.

Hob admits that the idea of leaving behind yet another lifetime and the inevitable loss of Gwen troubles him. Death promises that if the burden is ever too great, she will come for him, offering to take him right now. After some consideration, Hob decides he is not ready. Dream King reconfirms his death and his companions laugh. The three walk off together, and Hob, waking, returns to his girlfriend. Gaiman mentions that he wanted to write a story of Hob visiting a Ren Faire for a long time, stating that he himself has never liked American Ren Faires but found the idea of a medieval man confronted with a Ren Faire to be full of potential humor.

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