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1991 Gulf War, and to Sri Lanka after the 2005 tsunami. Suez, with a secondary role as a mothership for British and US minesweepers in the Persian Gulf. Until 2016 Diligence was set to go out of service in 2020. In August 2016, the UK Ministry of Defence placed ship repair and maintenance pdf advert for the sale of RFA Diligence.

The option for the delivery of future operational maintenance and repair capability for the RFA remain under consideration. Royal Navy’s primary battle damage repair unit, and is on short notice to react to developing situations worldwide. One of the key features of the ship’s design is the dynamic positioning system which can keep the vessel static in poor conditions, using the ship’s range of thrusters and the variable-pitch propeller. The hull is built to the highest ice class specification, which allows her to navigate polar regions without the assistance of an icebreaker. 1981 as a civilian oil rig support ship. She was sailed to the Clyde Dock Engineering facility, where she was converted and military features added, including a large workshop for hull and machinery repairs, supply facilities, accommodation, armaments and magazines and communications fits.

American ships damaged by mines. Far East as a submarine support ship. The following year, the ship supported 3rd Mine Counter-Measures Squadron in the Persian Gulf. Early 1999 saw the ship again deployed to the Falklands region. When the ship returned to UK in November 2006 she had the longest deployment of an RFA in recent times.

5 and half years before she returned home to Portsmouth. Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf, across the Indian Ocean to India, Sri Lanka and Singapore, the South China Sea to the Philippines and from South Africa across the Atlantic to the Falklands and South America. Many of these Oceans and countries visited 2 or 3 times. The overhaul was completed in December 2007. Mediterranean and Gulf region in support of the COUGAR 13 task group. In June 2016 the Royal Navy decided to retire the ship immediately instead of in 2020 as had previously been planned as a cost-saving measure.

At this time no replacement for the ship had been identified. This page was last edited on 26 July 2017, at 19:31. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Container ship Reecon Whale on Black Sea near Constanța Romania. Ships have been important contributors to human migration and commerce. The top 50 navies had a median fleet of 88 surface vessels each, according to various sources.

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