Siem magic quadrant 2015 pdf

6,000 corporate, government and military organizations with more than 15 million paying users. The company is unique among the private technology company “unicorns” in being almost entirely self-funded, has significant recurring revenue, is cash-flow positive, siem magic quadrant 2015 pdf is more than doubling its business year over year.

Zscaler for their Internet security. 6 million employees protected by Zscaler. This is reported to be the largest SaaS deployment of any kind in the world. 100 global data centers and more than 1,000 points of presence. To use Zscaler, Internet traffic from fixed locations such as branch offices or factories, roaming laptops, tablets and mobile phones and Internet of things devices is routed through Zscaler points of presence before going on to the public Internet. Localized data centers store security policies that can be pushed worldwide in seconds, following users as they travel around the globe to enforce these policies without latency. Zscaler is designed to address the challenge of managing security in a world where cloud computing, mobility and the Internet of things are eroding the network perimeter.

Zscaler centralizes administration of users and policies on a single Web interface with a simple visualization. Zscaler can provide comprehensive user reports in nearly real-time and is constantly gathering global threat data to protect its customers. Most security products have historically been point solutions deployed as hardware appliances, Zscaler is very different being a cloud-based Security for a Service platform, that requires no on-premises and on-device hardware or software. Zscaler for APTs consolidates the commoditized features of existing security appliances to protect, detect and remediate advanced security threats.

It uses the global Zscaler cloud infrastructure to enable application access independent of network access. The service is based on Zscaler’s global cloud, so there is no requirement for additional hardware or forklift upgrades of existing hardware, enabling rapid and unobtrusive adoption to support business needs. It is unique in being entirely cloud-based and does not require any on-premises hardware or software, making it suited for protecting branch offices, retail stores, factories, remote location, mobile devices and Internet of Things deployments. Zscaler Next Generation Firewall also includes traditional firewall capabilities such as control over network ports and protocols.

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