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Worldwide, farmers apply nearly 5 billion pounds of glyphosate onto farm crops each year. Human urine output of this likely carcinogen shot up by more than 1,200 percent between 1993 and 2016. It’s applied to about 70 commonly consumed crops, including wheat, oats and avocados. Sauerkraut is a fermented dish that traces its origins to Germany.

It’s made from cabbages, and is a wonderful side dish to most meals. Learn how you can make it at home and expand your list of probiotic-rich foods. You may believe you’re helping your health by doing this each day, and you may even have been instructed to do it by a health professional. But now researchers realize it’s not a good thing for your body at all. Plus, the other personal hygiene mistake that can increase your risk of dementia by as much as 65 percent. How is it possible that researchers studying groups of people who’ve lived almost a century found that many of the much younger relatives of the almost-centenarians may have been in better physical shape, but the oldsters enjoyed better mental health? Is it all about attitude, or is there more than that?

You’d never give an enemy access to something as important as your body, right? Yet this single choice may be the equivalent of doing exactly that. Further, it’s not just your body that’s at risk, but the sustainability of our planet as well. Plus, you’re sure to love its frugality as well. Milk thistle is a tall, thorny, invasive weed containing many medicinal benefits, particularly as a liver tonic. It is used to treat cirrhosis of the liver, chronic liver inflammation and liver damage from alcohol, just to name a few of its uses. And it’s positive communication, too, providing you with protection against a number of different diseases, helping you slim down and even reducing your risk of premature death from any cause.

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