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take me out by richard greenberg pdf career slugging percentage ranks among the highest in an era marked by low offensive production. Hall of Fame consideration in 2015. He and the other candidates all missed getting elected by the committee.

The Committee meets and votes on 10 selected candidates from the 1947 to 1972 era every three years. Allen was one vote short of the required 12 votes needed for election. John Ogden played for the International League Baltimore Orioles from 1919 to 1925 under Jack Dunn, the discoverer of Babe Ruth, and later pitched against Ruth in the American League. July 1, 1969, that Dick Allen was the only player he ever saw who hit a ball as hard as Babe Ruth. Allen, the local team’s first black player. Playing for the first time at third base, he led the league with 41 errors.

Allen led the Phillies to a six-and-a-half game hold on first place with 12 games to play in an exceptionally strong National League. The 1964 Phillies then lost ten straight games and finished tied for second place. Allen stated that the play “broke our humps”. Despite the Phillies’ collapse, Allen hit . 438 with 5 doubles, 2 triples, 3 home runs and 11 RBI in those last 12 games. 1965 which cleared Connie Mack Stadium’s left center field roof Coke sign. Non-baseball incidents soon marred Allen’s Philadelphia career.

According to two teammates who witnessed the fight, Thomas swung a bat at Allen, hitting him in the shoulder. Thomas got himself fired when he swung that bat at Richie. In baseball you don’t swing a bat at another player—ever. Thomas hit Allen with a bat and added that Thomas was a “bully” known for making racially divisive remarks. Allen and his teammates were not permitted to give their side of the story under threat of a heavy fine. The Phillies released Thomas the next day.

That not only made the fans and local sports writers see Allen as costing a white player his job, but freed Thomas to give his version of the fight. Allen asserted that he and Thomas are in fact good friends now. After leaving the Phillies, he asked to be called “Dick”, saying Richie was a little boy’s name. B singer, the label on his records with the Groovy Grooves firm slated him as “Rich” Allen. Some of the Phillies’ own fans, known for being tough on hometown players even in the best of times, exacerbated Allen’s problems.

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