The cantin ketogenic diet pdf download

Why are whole grains the cantin ketogenic diet pdf download? Does the brain need sugar?

Do fiber, fruits and vegetables prevent cancer? Q:  What Should I Eat? Human beings are omnivores with the ability to eat a wide variety of plants and animals. For nearly 2 million years, our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate a whole foods diet of animals and plants, in various ratios and combinations, depending on season and geographical location. Therefore, our bodies are probably well-adapted to a whole foods diet. All available scientific evidence strongly supports the notion that a whole foods diet is the healthiest dietary pattern on the planet.

This is probably why dairy and grain intolerance are so common. These foods are more difficult for us to digest and can even aggravate our immune systems. Anthropological evidence tells us that our ancestors were healthier before agriculture than after agriculture. Sometime during the late 1800’s, about 150 years ago, refined carbohydrates entered the scene. Foods like white sugar and refined flours became widely available for the first time.

There is plenty of evidence now to support this belief. There is a growing consensus that these foods should be avoided as much as possible to minimize disease risk. About 70 years ago food production became industrialized, adding artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives to our food supply. Industrialization also led to the super-processing of whole foods into unnatural extracts and chemically-altered ingredients. Q: Won’t meat, fat and cholesterol clog my arteries? Cardiologists are discovering that refined carbohydrates, such as sugar and flour, are the most important dietary risk factors in coronary artery disease. Numerous studies by cardiology researchers have finally disproved the myths that dietary fat, meat, and cholesterol cause heart disease.

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