The future of architecture in 100 buildings pdf

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A palace, with several copper-covered spires, a dome, and tiered wings with dormers, is reflected in a large artificial lake in the foreground. It was during this period that, in a country with little access to stone, brick became the construction material of choice, not just for churches but also for fortifications and castles. In parallel, the half-timbered style became popular for ordinary dwellings in towns and villages across the country. France but was slowly adopted by native Danish architects who increasingly participated in defining architectural style.

Danish designers to be rewarded for excellence both at home and abroad. A primitive one-storey hut made of wooden planks with shingled roof, a single entrance and a few small skylights. The houses are deemed to be among the most sophisticated dwellings of their time. Slagelse on the Danish island of Zealand, have a rather different, ship-like shape, the long walls bulging outwards. The walls consisted of double rows of posts with planks wedged horizontally between them. A series of outer posts slanted towards the wall were possibly used to support the building like buttresses.

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