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The poster shows the glory and the dream pdf download woman holding a coffee mug. At her right is a man with a awkward-looking expression. At her left is another woman smiling.

At the middle reveals the title while at the bottom reveals the tagline and production credits. After some delays, the film was released in the United States on November 10, 2010, and abroad in 2011. However, Becky perseveres, sending many different résumés out. She is brushed off rudely, but is told by the other passenger that this is just typical of Mike. On her first day, Becky realizes she has signed on to a show in turmoil, lacking in direction and money. Becky chooses a reluctant Mike as Colleen’s new co-host. Mike is under contract to IBS, but has managed to mostly escape being utilized while still getting paid.

Becky finds a clause in his contract by which he is obliged to accept an official job offer or lose his salary, effectively blackmailing him into accepting the position. IBS producer who had worked with Mike previously. After initially teaming up to deal with Mike, they begin dating, and he is initially supportive of her dedication to her job. Pomeroy proves to be hard going, throwing his weight about, trying to sabotage his debut on the show by getting drunk, refusing to banter with Colleen on air, and ensuring he only does serious news stories by making use of a clause in his contract that allows him to refuse certain assignments, like cooking segments, that he considers beneath him. After a heated confrontation with Mike, Becky snaps and decides on a radical approach to save the show. Colleen also expresses a keen interest in Becky’s campaign to rejuvenate the show, and appears on a number of colorful segments that help the show’s ratings.

Jerry remains unconvinced that Becky can get the ratings up enough to stave off cancellation. Adam, not realizing what is on the line, teases Becky about how caught up she is in improving the ratings, but she sees it as a criticism that she has heard from previous men, and walks out. Mike tells her that he was once the same way, but ended up with no life outside of work. During a staff meeting, Pomeroy shows interest in doing a story, surprising colleagues. Becky goes along but realizes that he is going to the governor’s summer house instead of the destination she expected. Between segments, Colleen tells Mike about the interview, and that his refusal to adapt has driven Becky away.

He goes to the kitchen where food segments are done. Mike Pomeroy, a serious news journalist and anchor who has worked in television for over forty years. He is unhappy at having to co-host a show that does not deal with real news stories. Adam Bennett, another producer at IBS, who begins dating Becky.

Lenny Bergman, the long-term senior producer of the show. Jerry Barnes, a network executive, he tasks Becky with turning the show’s ratings around. Becky immediately fires him because of his negative effect on staff morale. Abrams “dreamed of having Harrison Ford in the film” from the point of early script development. Shortly after Abrams cast Harrison Ford as Mike Pomeroy, Roger Michell took over as director. Harrison Ford explained: “We have been working in the same business, different branches of the business.

She was in the intellectual branch and I was in the running, jumping and falling down branch. So, we never had the chance to work together. But it was a real pleasure to finally get that opportunity. So I said, ‘if you need me to be funny, you might want to look somewhere else'”. The film was originally scheduled for release on July 30, 2010, in the U. It was then pushed back to November 12, 2010.

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