The work of the pastor by william still pdf

America’s largest ministry to children with branches in various nations. She the work of the pastor by william still pdf, “I can’t do this anymore.

You wait here, I will be back. Bill stayed on that street corner for three days, but his mother never came back. It was during this camp that the 12-year-old Wilson committed his life to God. While he was a teenager, young Bill Wilson was given a job at his local congregation. Once again, Wilson’s concept of a bus ministry became extremely successful. Even with multiple weekend services, his congregation outgrew the former brewery that serves as his church in Bushwick.

With no more room to house any new visitors to his Church, Wilson decided to take his Church to the streets. This concept became highly successful and these collective congregations now number more than 100,000 children in attendance each week. Word of Bill Wilson’s success in New York spread to other Churches and inner city ministries. The concept of a bus ministry and Sidewalk Sunday School has now been replicated in cities and towns all over the world. In an attempt to remain in touch with the people attending his congregation, Bill Wilson still lives in a building adjacent to his Church.

He continues to walk through the often dangerous neighborhoods of Bushwick in an effort to carry on his work. Over the years, Wilson has been shot, stabbed, beaten and hospitalized numerous times and is adept at raising millions of dollars for the ministry telling stories of hardship. Yet he remains committed to the work. Bill Wilson still drives one of the hundreds of buses utilized by his ministry each week, when he is in town.

America, reaching an average of more than 100,000 children aged 12 and under each week. The curriculum that Wilson designed is used in over 1,000 cities around the world. Bill Wilson’s story in his nationally televised program. His newest book, entitled “One Eyed Kings” came out in 2009.

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