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All our software is virus-free and Trojan-free, all download links are from reliable sources as claimed. This article is about the file format. It published the latest version 6. Several Aldus or Adobe technical notes have been published with minor extensions to the format, and several specifications have been based on TIFF 6. The first version of the TIFF specification was published by Aldus Corporation in the autumn of 1986 after two major earlier draft releases. It can be labeled as Revision 3. It was published after a series of meetings with various scanner manufacturers and software developers.

In April 1987 Revision 4. 0 was released and it contained mostly minor enhancements. In October 1988 Revision 5. This is not the case when using the TIFF as a container holding compressed JPEG. Use of this option was limited by patents on the LZW technique until their expiration in 2004.

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