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WMATA Breda 3000-Series car on D Route Bridge. Only three stations are exclusive to the Blue Line. Planning for Metro began with the Mass Transportation Survey in 1955 which attempted to forecast both freeway and mass transit systems sufficient to meet the needs of 1980. In 1959, the study’s final report included two rapid transit lines which anticipated subways in downtown Washington. Because the plan called for extensive freeway construction within the District of Columbia, alarmed residents lobbied for federal legislation creating a moratorium on freeway construction through July 1, 1962.

Blue Line route in Virginia with the route following the railroad right-of-way inside Arlington and Alexandria to Springfield. It did not include a route in Prince George’s County. The route continued in rapid transit plans until the formation of WMATA. With the formation of WMATA in October 1966, planning of the system shifted from federal hands to a regional body with representatives of the District, Maryland and Virginia. Instead, routes had to serve each local suburban jurisdiction to assure that they would approve bond referenda to finance the system. Blue Line from Huntington to Addison Road, with a possible extension to Largo.

Armory and the Anacostia River Bridge. In reaction to their lobbying, the DC government insisted that the station be removed and that the tunnel for the line be extended through the neighborhood. This then made the line the only one to have a station canceled due to neighborhood opposition. 12 million and the alignment of the line was shifted slightly to the east to address neighbor concerns. The federal government paid the cost of both design changes.

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