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This article is about a type of network address. This can be contrasted to a programmed address, where the host device issues commands to the NIC to use an arbitrary address. NICs and each NIC must have a unique MAC address. EUI-48 is wireshark filter commands pdf to identify other devices and software.

Thus, by definition, an EUI-48 is not in fact a “MAC address”, although it is syntactically indistinguishable from one and assigned from the same numbering space. The IEEE now considers the label MAC-48 to be an obsolete term, previously used to refer to a specific type of EUI-48 identifier used to address hardware interfaces within existing 802-based networking applications, and thus not to be used in the future. Instead, the proprietary term EUI-48 should be used for this purpose. In addition, the EUI-64 numbering system encompasses both MAC-48 and EUI-48 identifiers by a simple translation mechanism.

In both cases, the process can be trivially reversed when necessary. Organizations issuing EUI-64s are cautioned against issuing identifiers that could be confused with these forms. The IEEE has a target lifetime of 100 years for applications using MAC-48 space, but encourages adoption of EUI-64s instead. 12 bits for the owner to assign to individual devices. IAB’s have been replaced with 12-bit “MA-S” address blocks. A universally administered address is uniquely assigned to a device by its manufacturer. A locally administered address is assigned to a device by a network administrator, overriding the burned-in address.

Local, which identifies how the address is administered. If the bit is 0, the address is universally administered. If it is 1, the address is locally administered. 00000110, where the second-least-significant bit is 1. Therefore, it is a locally administered address.

The MAC address of the Ethernet interface is changed by the DECnet software to be AA-00-04-00-xx-yy where xx-yy reflects the DECnet network address xx. This eliminates the need for an address resolution protocol since the MAC address for any DECnet host can be simply determined. In a modern wired setting the collision domain usually is the length of the Ethernet cable between two network cards. In a wireless setting, the collision domain is as far as the radio transmitter can reach. NICs will choose to accept it based on criteria other than the matching of a MAC address: for example, based on a configurable list of accepted multicast MAC addresses.

LAN that have been configured to receive packets sent to that address. MAC address distinguishes individual addresses from group addresses. That bit is set to 0 in individual addresses and set to 1 in group addresses. Group addresses, like individual addresses, can be universally administered or locally administered.

Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Ethernet frames that use the MAC-48 format and encapsulates them into G. Common networked consumer devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablet computers use MAC-48 addresses. Although intended to be a permanent and globally unique identification, it is possible to change the MAC address on most modern hardware.

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