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Men du kan svare anonymt. In some societies in America, Europe and other parts of the World, young persons are frequently examined in a secretive way with endoscopic techniques through body openings when they are under general anesthesia for some other non-secret purpose, like tonsillectomy, small plastic surgeries or dental work. Often the secret exam is the main reason for putting the person to sleep, and the other procedure is conveniently done as a pretence only. The information in this article is obtained by collection of many testimonials from people in various parts of North America and Europe, and by comparing these testimonials. It explains several disturbing patterns that young persons frequently experience at hospitals and health centers, that it is difficult to explain otherwise. In several societies young people put under anesthesia for some common procedures are often secretly examined in other parts of the body than those where the main procedure is taking place. This most often happens with children and young people up to the age of 25.

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