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It is an odorless, white solid. It is the second most widely used herbicide in the United States. Use of alachlor zakim and boyer’s hepatology pdf illegal in the European Union.

Alanex, Bronco, Cannon, Crop Star, Intrro, Lariat, Lasso, Micro-Tech and Partner. The largest use of alachlor is as a herbicide for control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in crops, primarily on corn, sorghum, and soybeans. It is the second most widely used herbicide in the United States, with particularly heavy use on corn and soybeans in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio and Wisconsin. Alachlor mixes well with other herbicides. Stated more simply, it works by interfering with a plant’s ability to produce protein and by interfering with root growth. The products are applied as either pre-drilling, soil incorporated or pre-emergence.

Alachlor is zero, to prevent long-term effects. The major source of environmental release of alachlor is through its manufacture and use as a herbicide. Alachlor was detected in rural domestic well water by EPA’s National Survey of Pesticides in Drinking Water Wells. EPA’s Pesticides in Ground Water Database reports detections of alachlor in ground water at concentrations above the MCL in at least 15 U. Access, use and storage are strictly controlled under state and territory law. Lasso, liable for chemical poisoning of a French farmer in 2004.

In 2015 a French appeals court upheld the ruling and ordered the company to “fully compensate” the grower. Photodegradation is a minor contributor to alachlor fate. Degradation in soil appears to be largely biologically mediated, and produces multiple metabolites. The half life in aerobic soil ranges from about 6 to 15 days and is considerably shorter under anaerobic conditions. Alachlor is often used in high school chemistry classrooms as a reactant in demonstrations such as the combustion of magnesium. Alachlor can be used as a substitution for methane gas in such an experiment when gas is not available. Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry 2002, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim.

Taipei: Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center. Fate of atrazine and alachlor in redox-treated ferruginous smectite. Substitutions for methane gas in high school combustion demonstrations. This page was last edited on 8 December 2017, at 00:47.

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